Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pre Teen Girl 101

I'm Outside, My teeth feel disgusting, and I am being introduced to women-hood every second of the day. And let me tell you something. It sucks. I am so glad that I am in the backyard with only my dad and two dogs and that the neighbors aren't out because I look horyfying. And I spelt that wrong what the hell? Well between you and me the little girl of the neighbors family is a frickin bossy brat. And hopefully this blog doesn't become popular and they don't read this. And don't even get me started on the dog. Bagin. Bay-szing. I know, complicated name. It has something to do with China they said I think. And that dog barks for no frickin reason. Even if no one is in the backyard! And when that dog starts barking when our dogs are out, things turn to chaos. Oh god.  Shall I even put up a pic of how disgusting  I look? Well I don't mind being voted ugliest bed head at noon in the noon because I would completely give that to me now. And I just cussed. Bad habbit. I try to stick to Crap and the usual words 5 year olds can't say in Kindergarten but it's been hard since how many things don't go my way now. Well, Here's disgusting bed head me:
Never Mind. It's not working. Even though this may be a Macbook it sometimes sucks. Ugh. so  annoying. Well Lola's on the hot tub again. She's been jumping on the hot tub for a month now. Listening to the radio.
96.1. Man I love that station.
Everybody Talks- Neon Trees. I love this song. Anyone else?
Well I will not just be using this blog for my hormonial tragidies I will also be writing a little story I came up with last night. And that shall be posted later today. Well, bye.
-Christina (I finally told you my name).

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