Sunday, September 16, 2012

Only Young Once

Everyone has their own struggles in life. Including Jenifer, Vanessa, Josh, Lucy, the two Ashely's and Kristen. Plus many more teens. You know what they say, You're only young once, so enjoy life! But that's pretty hard to do with these troubled teens, becayse their life is complete hell. But you know what they also say. What doesn't kill you makes you sronger.

Jenifer Laura, six teen, juinor in high school. Ugh. I have a couple friends. Lucy, Kristen, Ashely, Vanessa, Zac. And Josh. And why do I say that Italic you ask? Well the relashionship between me and Josh is... Complicated. We kissed and that was it. Actually no. That wasn't it. We started to date but then broke up for some aparent reason. And then I got in some "accident". I don't know how it happened and I didn't remember what went on when I woke up. All I rember was waking up there, alonw, on the kitchen floor. My head was bleeding. I patched it up with a wet paper towel. I found a note. I don't remember what it said. I'm sure it was nothing. I was home alone when everything happened. So it was probably a note from my mom about food in the fridge and all that. I'm always home alone when I come home from school until six. Speaking of school. I gotta get ready. I have to brush my hair. I hate when when it's all messy. But when I opened my drawer to my girl- green painted dresser, my hair brush wasn't there. It has been replaced with a note. The hairs on the back of my neck rose.
Do what I say and no one gets hurt, b****. I'm after you.
My heart pounded. I was an only child. My mom would never snoop through my accsesories drawer. Who could have gotten in there? I had goose bumps. It was cold. I checked the thermostat. The tempature wasn't cold. I looked at my window. Wind was blowing through it. My window was open. I never leave my window open at night. The heat or wind that blows in is either too cold or too hot. I keep my window locked. No one could have opened it. Who could have gotten through my window, and got to sneak through my room while I was sleeping? And most of all, who could have left me that mysterious note?

I couldn't bring that note to school. And I especially couldn't keep it in my room! I had no choice but to go to school. I suddenly felt un- safe.  But I also tried to tell myself that this was some dumb prank. But I didn't have anyone over last night. I hadn't had anyone over at my house for a week. Who could have done this?
I opened the doors to the school. There was Lucy opening her locker. There was Kristen walking into room 2B. Our English teacher Mr. Sanders class. And there was Vanessa, staring desprately at her ex, Zac. What was up with her? Zac was talking to his "friend" Ashely. B****  Ashely. Not "Kinda B****y but still nice enough to be my friend" Ashely. B**** Ashely. The life ruiner. What the hell? This was messed up!
It was the end of fourth period. I was walking down the hall to the librairy when I stopped and saw Lucy walking pass me with a piece of paper in her hand. She looked scared. She dropped it continuing to walk not noticing. I wanted to give it back to her but not when I read this:
1064 Spring Hill dr. Meet me there to find out there to find out the truth. Midnight tonight. Live well, b****.
It was the same paper my note was written on. Oh my god.

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